With over 20 years in the communication industry our staff has taken the basic contact management system and created additional features that will greatly expand your business with just one click. Send important messages or updates via voice, email or fax to one or all of your contacts simultaneously. Local-Contact-Services.com comes complete with fax services, conference calling, flash chat and much more.

Local-Contact-Services.com is the complete solution to give your business the marketing power of a big business without the expense.

Conference Calling

Don't be afraid of conference calling and let us do all the connections. With Local-Business-Services.com you don't need to dial all the numbers yourself, or tell people to wait to connect a new person. We call everyone at the same time so your call goes with out any problems.

  • Enjoy quick and easy scheduling and execution of conference calls.
  • Simply choose the contact, contacts or category of contacts that you want involved on the call, set the time and date, and let us do the rest.