With over 20 years in the communication industry our staff has taken the basic contact management system and created additional features that will greatly expand your business with just one click. Send important messages or updates via voice, email or fax to one or all of your contacts simultaneously. Local-Contact-Services.com comes complete with fax services, conference calling, flash chat and much more.

Local-Contact-Services.com is the complete solution to give your business the marketing power of a big business without the expense.

Content YouTube To Your Site

Whatever presence you have on the Internet - a large website, a blog, a social network page, or pretty much anything else - there are many ways to integrate YouTube into it. From simple video embeds to our full-powered APIs, you can integrate video at all levels of technical expertise.

Bringing YouTube to your site is more than just adding some of the millions of videos available on YouTube. It keeps your visitors interested and allows self-expression and interaction with one of their favorite services. And it brings your site, blog, or page into the YouTube video community - an international network of users, creators, and sites connected through the Web's largest collection of online videos.